Our Idea

We are a passionate organisation united by a common idea: to capture nature’s power in the name of natural, effective, scientifically proven health care products.
Our aim is to research, develop and offer the best natural pharmaceutical products, the best industrial services and the best scientific services.


  • Development and sale of our own products

    We are constantly developing and selling innovative products based on medicinal plants. These products meet the specific needs of our customers: from preparing them in the best possible way for a specific event such as pregnancy, to helping them protect themselves and achieve new vitality and balance.

  • Industrial-scale production for third parties

    High productivity, top quality and a full range of technology: this is what we provide for other companies working in this field, creating value both in terms of finances and customer satisfaction. Our industrial production provides excellent expertise throughout the entire value chain and pharmaceutical process.

  • Provision of scientific, regulatory and analytical services

    Soho Flordis International Switzerland SA offers consulting along with comprehensive and customised services in the scientific field ranging from the initial conception of a product, its development and industrialisation through to the creation of international registration dossiers.