Soho Flordis International Switzerland SA cultivates a strong relationship with the world of the arts. In recent years has given its contribution for the realization of unique exhibitions organized by Ticino museums and the upcoming LAC (Lugano Arti Contemporanee).

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Nippon – Tra mito e realtà: arte e cultura dal Paese del Sol levante

Yves Klein & Rotraut

Omaggio a Umberto Boccioni

MAPPLETHORPE. La perfezione nella forma.

Corpo, automi, robot. Tra arte, scienza e tecnologia

"the power of nature captured by science”: the book.


This publication aims to be a testimony to the idea that inspires our company,
our beautiful land Tessin reflected in photographic images, thoughts and poems.
This book pays tribute to our surrounding nature, its power and to all those
that share in this joy and beauty, including the people working with us.
Click the photo to see the book’s preview.