Ginsana and art

Ginsana’s interest in and sensitivity to art are nothing new and play a huge role in the company’s activities. Between 2001 and 2008, the ‘Spazio all’Arte’ (‘A space for art’) initiative saw exhibitions opened inside Ginsana premises in order to support young Swiss artists; the company even purchased a few of the pieces. Then in 2008 Ginsana began to assist the Museo d’Arte of Lugano by sponsoring some important exhibitions, including ‘Yves Klein & Rotraut’ (2009), ‘Robert Mappelthorpe. La perfezione nella forma’ (‘Robert Mappelthorpe. Perfection in Form’) (2010), Tribute to Giuseppe Panza di Biumo (2010),‘Araki. Love and Death’ (2010-2011).

Today Ginsana intends to go one step further and is seeking a new artistic role in line with the company’s strategy of building bridges with its stakeholders.

The guiding principle is to export Ginsana’s values, abandoning a purely brand-oriented motivation in favour of a profound enriching of the company and the locations where it operates. With the ‘L’arte veste l’azienda’ Prize, Ginsana intends to support artists directly and carry out a project with the firm conviction that, more than any other human activity, art and its intrinsic possibilities are better able to express freely and immediately the emotions and the global nature of Man, together with the atmosphere that surrounds him.

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