Soho Flordis International (SFI) is pleased to announce its participation at the first Pan African Congress of Integrative Medicine (PACIM), 4-6th May, Cape Town- South Africa

On the 4-6th May 2017 the South African Society of Integrative Medicine is hosting PACIM which is expected to attract around 400 attendees.

Soho Flordis International is a Gold Sponsor of PACIM and with the help of 3 internationally renowned specialists in the area of cognitive health, will be investigating the question of Cognitive Health throughout Different Life Stages at a sponsored symposium.

This will be the first time that SFI will be able to showcase its full expertise in the area of cognitive health, in the Flordis portfolio – Equazen®, Gincosan®, KeenMind® - all uniquely positioned to provide clinically researched improvements in cognitive health from youth to elderly.

This is a good occasion to highlight that SFI can offer specific cognitive health solutions throughout all the different stages of life.