Award ceremony and inauguration of the Ginsana Prize "L'arte veste l’azienda" ("A company clothed in art")

The award ceremony and inauguration of the winning work in the Ginsana Prize, "L’arte veste l’azienda" ("A company clothed in art"), will take place at the company’s headquarters on 14 March 2013, and not on 13 December 2012 as previously announced.

The company decided to postpone the event in agreement with the winners of the first prize, architects Andrea Tulisi and Liberato Aliberti. This decision reflects the company’s desire to provide as much support as possible for the production phase, and above all to ensure ideal conditions for presenting the work, which will be displayed temporarily. A period has been chosen with more favourable weather conditions in order to enhance its expressive power.

“Dynamic nature of colors", the title of the winning work, exploits the potential of the surrounding environment. The assembled elements and their shadows create chromatic and dynamic effects on the wall of one of the companies’ warehouses, depending on climatic variations and the intensity of sunlight.

The work, like all those in the competition, was designed to address the competition theme, “Transformation by”. Observing and studying nature enables us to benefit from its properties, capture them and transform them by Man for Man.

The event is now scheduled for 14 March 2013. All designs entered in the competition, around 60 in total, will also be displayed at the company’s headquarters during the event.

Ginsana SA, a Boehringer Ingelheim Group company located in Bioggio (Lugano), operates in the natural health sector, comprising pharmaceutical products and food supplements made using natural substances and plant extracts. The quality and safety of Ginsana’s products are the result of the most rigorous scientific research, experience acquired over decades of activity and the skills developed within the Boehringer Ingelheim Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Social responsibility is a fundamental element of the Ginsana corporate culture. The company pays the same careful attention to its employees, focusing on equal opportunities and the work-life balance, as it does to its surroundings: Ginsana respects the environment and promotes regional development. The company, which employs over 180 people, works with broad autonomy in order to achieve excellent results in a sector requiring dedicated methods and skills. It offers these skills to other companies through its Industrial Business division, providing high-level expertise throughout the entire value chain and pharmaceutical process. Ginsana SA products are currently sold in 29 countries and the company plans to expand its operations further in 2013.