Ramadan Kareem 2016: Discover the social side of Ginsana®, Gincosan® and Songha Night!

Ramadan is approaching and also this year Ginsana products will be specifically supported with ad-hoc promotional activities.  
Infact, from tomorrow (May 24th 2016) till the end of Ramadan, you will have one Facebook page and one Instagram account dedicated to Ginsana Products Middle East and Africa.
For the first time we are approaching consumers directly and we choose a very friendly and light tone of voice, so that they can more easily remember  our products. Moreover, we linked the benefit of the products to Ramadan in a clear and sometimes even funny way.  
We will post content in English and Arabic approximately once a week for Ginsana®, Gincosan® and SonghaNight.

Pls help us spread the product messages by adding a LIKE to the FB page and follow the Instagram account.

Here you have the details: 

Ginsana MEA 


Ginsana MEA