A special night with Spazio Salute: education and interaction

On the 23rd of August, we welcomed almost 30 enthusiastic pharmacists and pharmacist assistants of Spazio Salute located in Ticino, in our premises in Bioggio. In collaboration with our Swiss trustworthy partner, Vifor Consumer HealthCare, we held a presentation on the condition of stress and how it impacts on physical performance and the immune system as well as on the cognitive performances.

The solutions we propose are Ginsana® and Gincosan®. We explained to an interactive and reactive audience the science and the research behind the two products that allow us to claim their efficacy in this specific therapeutic areas . But the night was not only about education, it has been also about building up personal relationships in a pleasant atmosphere: a nice apero time held before the training as well as a pleasant dinner after the education session in fact, have been welcomed by the whole group.

It couldn’t miss a final toast with a slice of a Ginsana® and Gincosan® design-cakes. Vifor and Ginsana are convinced that the key success factor to stand out in the market is to create a direct bond with all those professionals who face the reality of the clients’ requests in the point of sales every day and try to support them to help their clients in the best possible way.

The two companies would like to thank for their availability and attention all the participants of Spazio Salute, see you next time!