Spreading the news on Prestocon study: Gincosan® lecture tour in Saudi Arabia

The preliminary results of the new PReStoCon study have been presented in Saudi Arabia, one of our key markets in Middle East, to more than 150 physicians in the whole Kingdom.

This latest study is adding to the wealth of 7 clinical trials available on the product. It investigated the activity of the combination contained in Gincosan® and how G115 Panax ginseng extract and GK501 Ginkgo biloba extract alone or in combination are linked with a significant neuroprotective mechanism and are safe after prolonged administration. 

The study results proved evidence of the additive  neuroprotective effects of the combination versus the effects of the single extracts; they were presented by SFI Medical Manager Mrs. Giulia Bacchio to physicians and specialized doctors (ENT, neurologists) in three dedicated evening in Ryadh, Jedda and Dammam. 

The doctors were engaged by the study, asking questions on how the product could benefit their patients which in Saudi Arabia are not only elderly (main focus) but also younger people and adults (25-55) suffering from mental stress, memory loss, early signs of cognitive decline etc..

Gincosan® was launched in 2002, is KSFDA approved and is promoted in the country by doctors for  declining mental capacity, lack of concentration and attention.

On a side note, rresidents in Saudi Arabia are at comparable or slightly higher risk of mental stress than that reported among residents worldwide.