The 2nd Equazen Partners Meeting

On the 12th and 13th of June the representatives of 20 countries from all over the world gather together in Oslo for the occasion of the 2 nd Global Equazen Partners Meeting. Equazen was acquired 1 year and a half ago by SFI and this meeting was the first, after 1 full year of SFI management.

The objective of the meeting has been to convey to all the participants the company strong focus, commitment and willingness to invest in the brand, being a key one for the Group. The first day of the conference has been dedicated to share 2017 results, short and long term objectives (2018 but also expectations from the 5Y plan) and activities scheduled and executed. The presentations included detailed sales figures, geographical expansion projects, marketing development plan, medical update, regulatory efforts and strategies. This day was discussed by the SFI team which included the EMEA Sales and Marketing, SFI Global Marketing, Medical and Regulatory departments.

The second day has been dedicated to share clinical news and best practises: Dr. Emma Derbyshire, an established English born nutritionist who has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications within the field of nutrition and public health, winning several writing awards, presented an enriching overview of the effect of Omega 3 / 6 fatty acids in the ADHD children and young people.

Afterwards, best practises have been shared with the audience, in particular: the Hong Kong partner, Sirloc Int., talked about their experience with Mumomega in the market, Sally Carstens, SFI South Africa, shared information on the success schemes in the local market, while New Nordic, the SFI’s Swedish partner, explained the country specific strategy with a special emphasis on the action accomplished around the last publication of Professor Matts Johnson.

In addition to the strengthening of relationships and conveying the Equazen strategy, our goal was also to highlight business synergies by exploiting the SFI full portfolio and services opportunities: a dedicated presentation has been performed. We tried also as much as possible to give confidence to the community that SFI, also with the Vital project as well as with the OCOT concept, is investing tremendously in Equazen as one of its first key products and brand.

From the preliminary feedback given by the participants, all the objectives were fully accomplished .